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Step 3: Putting your new site on the web

In this step you will find instructions for uploading your pages to a web server. After this you will be able to review your site online in your browser. In the following instructions it is supposed that you have a login/password combination available from your hosting provider. - for hosting and domain options click here

1. Open your browser and type ftp://yourdomainname in the address field.
2. Enter your login and password and click OK.
3. Copy your web pages and folders to your site root directory as you would to any other folder on your computer.
4. View your site online.

You can also use the built in FTP client in Dreamweaver itself. Please use the online help from Macromedia to guide you further.

This is the end of The Template Reseller tutorial, introducing the major concepts of web template modification. However, if you would like to know more, our home page has links to further useful information including domain registration and hosting companies.