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Step 1: Obtaining the template of your choice

This step explains how to search for web templates, how to purchase and download them.

1. Go to the products page using the button above.
2. Use the drop down menus to search for your web template based on type and category.
3. Choose the template you like from the selection of thumbnails and click on its screenshot to preview.
4. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the preview page to purchase the web template using your Credit Card or Paypal account. Within 20 minutes of making a purchase an email will be sent confirming the transaction and providing a link to download the zipped files of your chosen web template.
5. Unzip the archive with WinZip. Please check downloading WinZip page if you don't have WinZip installed on your computer.
6. Browse the unzipped files to find the following:

- FONTS folder that contains the fonts you will need to edit the .psd source file but might not have installed on your system;

- HTML folder with "index.htm" file and IMG folder - you can preview the page in a browser. You can use this folder if you wish to just customise the HTML. Advanced users may prefer to customise the Photoshop file and convert that to HTML. The HTML version of the template contains buttons and other elements without text. This allows you to add custom text to empty cells;

- JPEG folder with "TEMPLATE.jpg" file, which is a compressed image of your template;

- PSD folder with "TEMPLATE.PSD" file that allows you to make ANY modification to the design of your web site. You can customise fonts, colors - anything to make your website look really unique.

- LIBRARY folder contains the advanced clipart library that you can use to give your web template a unique look.

After you have the web template files unzipped and saved to your hard drive you can proceed to...

Step 2: Editing your web template in order to modify text and graphics.